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About Us

Welcome to Untouchable Industries, where precision meets passion in the art of auto and marine detailing. Founded by Garrett Palichuk and Corey Pohynayko, our mission is to provide exceptional detailing services that make every vehicle not just clean, but remarkably pristine and protected. Nestled in the heart of Kelowna, we cater to enthusiasts who demand the best for their vehicles.

Garrett and Corey, both avid car enthusiasts, have always shared a vision for excellence and a profound respect for automotive beauty. Their journey began from a simple desire to maintain the pristine condition of their own vehicles, which soon evolved into a business driven by high standards and a client-focused approach. Their partnership thrives on a mutual passion for detail and a commitment to using the latest technologies in vehicle care, ensuring that every service delivered is nothing short of remarkable.

Automotive Detailing- Untouchable Industries

Meet the Team

Dustin Merk

Dustin Merk- Untouchable Industries
Detailing Specialist

Dustin launched his career in auto detailing at age 18 at a Lexus & Toyota dealership in Regina, Saskatchewan, under the guidance of mentor Jason Miller. He quickly excelled and became the lead detailer at Bennett Dunlop Ford, a role he maintained for eight years. With over two decades in the industry, Dustin moved to Edmonton for love, seizing the opportunity to expand his expertise in Alberta.

Now, Dustin has joined forces with his brother-in-law, Garrett , and Garrett's business partner, Corey, to contribute his extensive detailing expertise at Untouchable Industries.

Throughout his career, Dustin has remained passionate about detailing, always prioritizing customer satisfaction, and aiming to exceed expectations with every vehicle he details.

Trusted Products We Use to Enhance Your Prized Possession

  • Green power – Degreaser

  • White lightning – Wheel and tire acid

  • Cherry bomb - Vehicle exterior shampoo

  • Blue lagoon – Vinyl dressing

  • Knock out – Fallout and rail dust remover

  • Wipe and shine – Spray wax

  • 3D – Tire shine

  • Clay mitt – Used with spray wax when prepping for polish

  • HD extractor soap – for shampooing carpets

  • X3 – Fabric proctor

  • Protectal – Leather conditioner

  • Isopro – Tree sap remover

  • Menzerna – 1400 heavy cutting compound, 2400 medium cut 3 super finish final wax

  • Eradicator – Solvent adhesive remover

  • Heavy duty cleaner – all purpose automotive cleaner

  • Smoke bombs – to remove unwanted odors

Phone: (778) 797-0105

Address: 2900 E Boundary Rd,

West Kelowna, BC V4T 2X4

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